Couvoir de Cerveloup
400 domaine de Cerveloup
38210 VOUREY
Tel. +33 4 76 07 85 09
Fax. +33 4 76 07 80 08

Production site

Couvoir de Cerveloup is located on the foothills of the Isère valley.

All that concerns the SPF husbandry activity extends across an inacessible zone and isolated from any foreign circulation.
This situation follows from the natural geological establishment of the site.

Special site of 6 hectares, specialized in SPF productions of various kinds: 5 000 m²
of blocks.

Draconian mesures are taken as for the site, the circulation of people, vehicules and matters in the animal husbandry zone, by means of wheel washes, foot washes, barriers, buffer zones etc.

The quality of our production is acquired thanks to a specific organisation of specialized animals house. They are all under quality insurance.

25 people are employed on the site: > View site map

Access to the site

Access to the site is controlled:

  • People having the access to the animal husbandry zone have to pass in transit by the buffer zone (ZT), in which they get changed to specific dress enable them to get access the site

  • This buffer zone is also constitued of a stocking room in which pass in transit the products of maintenance and disinfection, the equipment and the food

  • An acces lane, reserved for the outside vehicules, is fit out of a wheel washes and a barrier.

Access to animal house

  • Every animal husbandry block is independent and constitutes a microbiological unit

  • Every animal rooms are organized in the same manner and follow the same procedures and mode of operation

  • Every SPF zone is organized in the following way:
    - An entrance for the staff constituted by 5 locks
    - An animal husbandry room
    - A food store providing to a decontamination
      air lock,
    - An animal exit air lock
    - A technical room.

Human resources

The human ressources organisation at the level of animal husbandry is defined in the following way:

  • A technical manager

  • A planning and controls representative

  • An animal husbandry technician responsible for production of: planning monitoring, food, interventions, controls, hatchery, grading

  • Animal keeper appointed to rooms of animal husbandry and driving the band from on end to the other

  • An external consultant vet in charge of the monitoring of control
  • An external laboratory in charge of inspections,

  • Security and service are assured 24 h/24h inside by outside service contracts (video control, remote maintenance, electronic surveillance, remote alarm.