Couvoir de Cerveloup
400 domaine de Cerveloup
38210 VOUREY
Tel. +33 4 76 07 85 09
Fax. +33 4 76 07 80 08

Our products

    Our 25 years of experience in SPF productions allows us to offer you:

  • SPF hens’ eggs

    These eggs come from white hens stump Leghorn. We do weekly controls on the animals answering requirements of the European Pharmacopeia.
    We provide cold eggs or fertilised eggs from 10 to 12 days.

  • SPF turkey eggs

    We can provide eggs to incubate and started poults.

  • SPF duck eggs

    We can provide eggs to incubate and day-old duckling.
  • SPF rabbits

    We set up SPF rabbit productions for you.
  • SPF Pigs

    We set up white large pig productions for you.
  • SPF guinea pigs

    We set up ginea pig productions for you.

We can raise other species at request:
SPF mices, SPF rats, miniature SPF pigs etc...

  • Conventional production

    We also produce fertilised eggs of conventional hens that we deliver at different stadiums of development of the embryo. We can deliver up to 170 000 fertilised eggs per delivery, aged from 10 to 12 days with our own logistic service.