Couvoir de Cerveloup
400 domaine de Cerveloup
38210 VOUREY
Tel. +33 4 76 07 85 09
Fax. +33 4 76 07 80 08

Our services

  • SPF production

    Cerveloup markets its own SPF products. We fit to a request which can be specific and we prepare our products according to particular constraints: age, weight, sex...

  • Devoted productions

    Cerveloup sets up SPF productions for users who want to have a devoted production. In that case we establish contract of production over several years.

  • Rental with services

    Cerveloup makes available its site, its installations and its know-how for organisations which want to outsource SPF animal productions and which are in search of existing SPF animal houses to be created or existent to do up.